National Student Innovation Challenge, is a unique event celebrating the spirit of connecting students from rural and urban India. It aims at nurturing the talent of students around the following traits, towards a better tommorrow.

  • Critical thinking
  • Leadership
  • Creative problem solving
  • Collaborate

How it works


6th, 7th and 8th


Teams of 2, 3-5 teams per school

Challenge Team Composition

2 Students
2 Students
1 Mentor
Volunteer Mentor


Team Formation
Work on Challenge
Final Submission

Online Collaboration

Important times

Registration date extended to 19th Nov, 2018

Important dates

Team Registrations:

1st Nov'18 to 14th Nov'18

Team Formation & Problem Statement submission:

14th Nov '18 to 30th Nov '18

Challenge Working Period:

1st Dec'18 to 5th Jan'19

Final Challenge Submission:

7th Jan '19

Announcement of Winners : :

26th Jan'19

Challenge Themes



1. How will the communication between rural-urban children of the same team happen?

Ans : A detailed mail would be shared with the skype ids of the respective team members and the mentors. Collaboration would happen over - Skype, Email, phone and watsapp, facilitated by the mentors

2. If the mentor is from the urban school, who will facilitate the calls/time of calls from the rural side? And the vise versa ?

Ans: There will be a counterpart (a local volunteer ) from the rural side for the purpose. And the vise versa.

3. In which language should the final project be presented?

Ans: It could be a combination of English and the local vernacular chosen by the respective team. It’s left to the judgement of the students and mentor.

4. When should the students (team) connect ?

Ans: It depends on the convenience of the schools (both rural & urban) to decide on the time slots. Preferably during schools hours which will enable the in-school teacher-mentors to be available. In case the team has been assigned a volunteer mentor, then the calls could be initiated during Saturdays (preferably in the mornings, as our rural schools operate only half- a-day on Saturdays.)

5. How frequent should the meetings be ?

Ans: Again, this is to be decided by the team. We would recommend atleast once a week.

6. We don't have Skype presently ?

Ans: You can create one using your mail id at www.skype.com or using Skype Mobile app. Or if the students have one. This can be done in 5 mins. Installation is Skype software can be done subsequently.


Jury Panel

To be announced shortly

Selection Panel

To be announced shortly

Participating School




Contact Person: Swapna Ramkumar

NSIC Helpline:+91 80 30459039

Email: nsic@evidyaloka.org